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About Cardella Waste | New York & New Jersey Dumpster Rental

About Cardella Waste
With over 60 years experience in the waste removal industry, Cardella Waste Services has realized a steady and responsible growth that puts us at the forefront in meeting today’s more sophisticated waste management requirements. We operate a fully equipped materials recovery and recycling facility, which enables us to recover recyclables from the waste stream and deliver the recovered material to a manufacturer for reuse. We’re proud to have worked on the first green skyscraper in New York City, the Conde Nast Building at 4 Times Square, and to have helped set the standard for waste recycling practices used in today’s LEED certified projects.


Why Choose Us? We offer the services, expertise and resources to save you time and expense on your projects and to help you satisfy environmental impact regulations. We specialize in fulfilling LEED recycling requirements for all building projects including municipalities, businesses and households, and offer Spanish-speaking services upon request.
We’re a full service facility We are fully equipped and staffed to provide 24/7 services for all your waste management needs, from collection to hauling to recycling and redistribution. This eliminates the need to coordinate the progression of waste-to-recyclables among several vendors, or to pay added service fees to have your provider process this for you.
We have the experience and flexibility to handle large and small projects with the same care and commitment to quality service. While specialists in construction waste, including LEED projects, we also handle municipal and business sector waste collection and disposal contracts. We offer offsite recyclingWe are unique in our ability to offer offsite recycling, which allows you to mix all types of waste in the same container, including paper, cardboard, glass, metals, plastics, and sheetrock. We then separate and recycle the different types of waste at our materials recovery facility. This is an efficiency measure for your project, saving you the time and labor usually required to divide materials into separate containers at the job site. We’re committed to a greener tomorrow

Our materials recovery facility recycles between 75-85% of solid waste from individual construction projects. Plus, we provide documentation on the amount of waste for your job site that was successfully diverted from landfills in accordance with LEED requirements.