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Company Filantropy | Cardella Waste

Cardella’s Investment in the Community
In addition to fulfilling our environmental commitment, it’s Cardella’s mission to make a difference where we live and work. Our company is involved in a number of ongoing philanthropic efforts, and we’re grateful that we can be a catalyst for change our local community. Here are some of the exciting ways we’ve partnered with customers and businesses to impact NY/NJ neighborhoods.


9/11 Recovery:
After the World Trade Center tragedy, rescue workers and construction staff needed help sifting through enormous piles of wreckage, steel beams and building materials. In fact, it’s estimated that New York City’s cost for 9/11 waste removal was near $5 billion. Cardella Waste was one of the first companies on site to help with sorting and debris removal, and we’re proud to say that we were one of the largest area service donators during this critical, national recovery effort.
Habitat for Humanity in Brownsville, Brooklyn:
Over 10,000 volunteers helped Habitat for Humanity and its partners create 41 affordable condominium units on Atlantic Avenue and Eastern Parkway. The housing development was dedicated in September of 2009, and is the largest multifamily complex ever constructed by a U.S. Habitat affiliate. Cardella assisted with waste management and recycling services to make things easier on site managers, construction crews and volunteers.

Habitat for Humanity in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn:
When our local Habitat chapter constructed the exterior, core and shell of nine low-income Brooklyn condos, the Cardella team helped with debris removal and construction recycling. It was exciting to be part of this green initiative, since the Bed Stuy homes were designed with energy-efficient insulated concrete forms and eco-friendly materials to reduce energy bills and improve sustainability.